Circular Academy for Construction (CA4C)

Circular Academy for Construction (CA4C)


People spend the majority of the day in an environment that affects them negatively. We are often not aware of the impact of the environment on our health and well-being. The Swiss mountain air has approximately 300 carbon parts per million (ppm). Average office space has 3000 ppm. Studies show that this high concentration often results into headaches, sleepiness and poor concentration.

In addition, there are other problems associated with the construction: construction waste represents a major issue (1.2 mln ton/y in Canton Vaud) and our current real estate lacks adaptability (200`000 m2 vacant commercial space in Canton Vaud vs need for living space). In addition, land is scarce in Switzerland and a number of initiatives show that new laws and regulations might put more pressure and make the land even scarce. On top of that, human have different needs during their lives. With kids, families need to have more space but when the kids are flying away, most of the time, and this leaves a big apartment/house for only two. While people would like to stay in their apartment/house, the spaces are not design for modularity and it is difficult to transform a 5 pieces into a 3 + 2. With modularity, a big apartment could be transformed in two apartments. This would benefit as it would create apartment for young, create a revenue and it could as well have some “social” impact if there is a connection between the two generation.

Proposed Solution

In order to tackle several issues at the same time, we deliver a training program to explore the potential of circular building to transform the construction sector.

By creating a learning environment for leaders and experts in the construction and real estate sector, we aim to co-create future-oriented solutions using digitalisation and innovative business models and products.

We offer courses to all leaders and experts in the construction and real estate sector, from owners to builders and from facility managers to demolition experts.

Designed for modularity


How do we do this?

  • We collaborate with existing programs in other countries and co-create courses for the Swiss market with local industry experts.
  • We launch our product offering during the Circle Economy Switzerland Launch event in February 2019 and market our solution through industry associations.
  • We go live in spring 2019

We want to use our experience and knowledge to support the transition towards a circular Switzerland and work towards a society fit for the future.

What is still needed

  • We are looking for innovators and change leaders in the real estate and construction sector who are interested in our solution.
  • We also need access to experts who can help us with potential legal constraints

How can you get in touch?

For more information, please contact or visit our website (live as of February 2019)


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