Atelier des Futurs

Atelier des Futurs

It is inevitable and pressing that a significant drop in consumption and a shift towards zero waste and circular economy happens now. This requires a major change in awareness, which will enable people to take responsibility for their role in the way things are produced, used, and retired. We have the technology to track everything we use – the resources that go into them, the planetary impact and human cost they have. What is missing is the awareness that a change in consumption habits can change this destructive process.

Our proposition is to create a physical space to facilitate and anchor the transition described above. We propose to mirror the journey of theory U – first facilitate a shift in self-awareness, and then offer workshops and activities to actively redesign and reshape one’s life. There are many techniques that already exist, and we believe their impact is reduced simply because they fail to address busy, worried people who are anxious about giving up their lifestyle. The Atelier Des Futurs will be a sanctuary from consumption. It will be calm, and sparsely decorated. It will be furnished to enable people to connect with each other – kitchen, community space, workshop space, a garden, etc. It will become an information hub, a place for experimentation, and a place to become a community. It will allow purposeless encounters between people who are on their journey, so different little groups and communities can emerge around diverse interests and connection points.

Our ultimate target audience is people whose lives are so full that they simply cannot step outside of its framework to pause and think. To reach out to those people we will tap on their networks and invite their friends first to be part of our community. We will offer ways to learn to ‘de-clutter’ their lives in many different ways adjusted to their needs, to allow multiple entry points into our community space.

Based on the framework of Theory U, we will provide a space where people can experience interconnectedness: to their own potential, to others (community) and to nature. We believe that from an inner space of feeling connected, a behaviour that contributes to the wellbeing of everyone emerges naturally. Becoming more aware and more connected will lead to a more conscious attitude towards facing climate change and its link to human behaviour.

The Atelier des Futurs can be imagined as a twin to Impact Hub – the more future facing, more daring sister to the business-based, two-feet on the ground start-up nursery. We imagine that it can become a useful resource for aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in the Atelier des Futurs in order to sense the future and actively contribute to the paradigm shift by designing their businesses while being part of the transition community.

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