Katia Bonga

Katia Bonga

What experience of yours do you bring to this lab? [mind]

I look forward to sharing my experience gained so far at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) which has enabled me to tackle several sustainability
issues in the business sector. As the sustainability leader for a sports event in my hometown, I will also bring pragmatic and simple ideas to implement sustainability actions on the ground (incl. waste reduction). Finally, having lived in the Canton de Vaud
for most of my life, I hope to share my knowledge of the region and its numerous valuable resources.

What excites you about this lab? [heart]

I am very excited to meet new people, discover different ideas and challenge perceptions.
I strongly believe in the power of team work to achieve meaningful goals and look forward to the wonderful project we will co-create.

What do you expect to happen as a result of this lab? [will]

I expect a concrete project proposal that could perhaps be brought at Cantonal level. The result may not be the answer to everything but hopefully will provide a great start to tackling some of our waste issues and more importantly, present a more sustainable way of living and consuming that people can relate to.