How we do it  

We are creating a blended learning environment combining online and offline social technologies drawn from different transformation and participatory leadership approaches such as Theory-U, Art of Hosting and Design Thinking.

We practice with tools and methods that activate our potential to create a new future, help us respond to complexity and act in the service of innovation. Visit the Resources section to access our open access toolbox. Currently, all tools are borrowed from many lab practices, but through this process we are also developing our own.

We launched a first lab cycle from September to December 2018, where we met physically for five full-day workshops, one 2-day retreat, and worked autonomously and collaboratively in between. We followed the U-Process of transformative change. Currently, we are sorting out all the documentation we gathered, analysing it, and preparing to present the learnings.

We strive to significantly push forward the conventional knowledge pertaining to social innovation practices and ultimately influencing policies that further support it in the Swiss context as an avenue for addressing the multiple and interrelated crises preventing the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.


The U-Process leads us from current reality to desired future through three main movements: observe, reflect and act. It requires an examination of both inner and outer worlds, and a mobilisation of our own resources to act for change. Read our descriptive Workshop Blogs by clicking below:

Kick-Off Workshop: Setting the stage

Practical Workshop: Discovering the innovation toolbox 

Midterm Retreat: Connecting to the future

Technical Workshop: Designing our prototypes

Demo Day: Showcasing our solutions 

Feed Forward: Institutionalising new practices