Kick-Off Workshop: Co-Initiating

Kick-Off Workshop: Co-Initiating

The journey has started! On September 14th, we from the catalyst team gathered for the first time with our cohort at Impact Hub Lausanne to jointly kick-off “Beyond Waste – Circular Resources Lab”. This first workshop was all about getting to know each other and the overarching topic of circular economy and our current waste challenges in the areas of plastics, water and electronics. Already during this first get-together we started sensing the collective field of this diverse group of people.

Co-initiating the journey

Legend: The collective field was captured on a picture board using threads (©Jay Burton)

The main intention of this first workshop was to build a container for our cohort to go through this transformational process together. This laid the foundation for the entire journey and its impact. The first step of co-initiating focused on uncovering our common intention, which we crystallised in a co-manifesto.

As an icebreaker we mapped the collective social field created through the personal journey and contribution of each participant into the Lab. We understand this field as the collective intelligence and capacity of the group (the whole is more than the sum of its parts). To know who and what is part of the social (or unity) field allowed us to get a sense of how we would work together over the upcoming months.

Getting to know the topic
In the afternoon we dived into the subject matter, circular economy (CE), and specifically relating to plastics, water and electronics. The purpose of this input session was to enable us to depart from the same common knowledge basis.

After hearing about the methodological approaches and concepts used during this Lab (Theory U, Social Labs, 4-Helix and Circular Economy), three waste experts shared their knowledge with the cohort: Julien Boucher (in the picture above) on plastic, Olivier Chaix on water and François Marthaler on electronic waste.

What do we take from this first workshop?
This first gathering was crucial for setting an intention for the whole Lab. Not only did the people involved get to know each other and the topic they would circle around, they set a common intention for what is to come. Through a co-manifesto, we collected each participant’s vision for what this Lab may be and allowed for a common approach to take root for this journey.

For some people, parts of the curriculum might have been very different, unexpected and even challenging. Starting a day with a meditation with a cohort of which ⅓ have never done any mindfulness practices is a daring approach. But to really find something new, something innovative, something that is still to emerge we must go new ways, go out of our comfort zone and dare to feel insecure and challenged.

We are very thankful for the trust the cohort showed towards us and the approaches we chose to start this Lab. Now we are even more motivated and eager to see what will emerge during the next workshops!

Where are we on the U journey

The co-initiating phase is all about building a common intent for the journey ahead. A group finds its common calling and is then able to start the process together.


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