Beyond Waste – A U journey

Beyond Waste – A U journey

24 individuals, representing business, academia, civil society and public administration engage in an experimental journey towards solutions for circular economy transformation in Canton de Vaud. The project is powered by Sustainable Living Lab at Impact Hub Lausanne & Living Lab Lausanne at EPFL in collaboration with collaboratio helvetica, with the support of the Engagement Migros development fund as well as the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Switzerland (SDSN).  

What if we could redesign our economy into a regenerative and circular model?
Current processes of production and consumption are linear and therein produce a lot of waste. A transition is required to move towards more sustainable solutions. Through some of its principles like reuse, recycle, repair and reduce, circular economy offers an alternative model that treats resources in a smart way leaving less or no waste.

Shifting to this model will require a systemic approach, a fundamental transformation of our production and consumption patterns as well as change of our mindsets. Waste affects everyone – citizens, students, academics, entrepreneurs, corporates, policymakers, activists, artists, thought leaders, innovators and change-makers, therefore we are to tackle this challenge jointly in order to stimulate true systemic change.

About this Social Laboratory
Beyond Waste | Circular Resources Lab is a social laboratory to co-create ideas and prototypes and start walking this transition in Canton de Vaud together. The Lab is a 4-month (Sept-Dec 2018) collective innovation process aiming at developing circular economy solutions. It consists of a blended learning environment combining online and offline sessions to use social technologies drawn from various approaches and tools, namely Theory U. The expected outcomes of this process are firstly to enable ecosystem awareness for Circular Resources and second, to facilitate the development of 4 to 5 viable solutions in the region.

Our objective is to explore the potential of ecosystem awareness and facilitate the co-creation of solutions for circular economy transformation in the Canton de Vaud.

U journey – What is this journey we are on?
“Imagine a leap from our current self to our emerging future Self. We are facing that threshold, gap, chasm or abyss on all levels of scale: as individuals, groups, organizations, and as a global community. How can we activate our deeper levels of humanity in order to bridge and cross that divide? This is the organizing question and journey of Theory U…”

Otto Scharmer, Theory U

In this Social Lab we will go on our own U journey to foster circular economy transition in the canton of Vaud. If you look at the picture above you see how this journey will look like: We will move down one side of the U (connecting us to the world that is outside of our institutional bubble) to the bottom of the U (connecting us to the world that emerges from within) and up the other side of the U (bringing forth the new into the world).

Read more about the U journey here.

Over the next month we will recap our experiences and learnings through blog posts about each workshop of our journey. Stay put and reach out to us if you have any kind of questions!


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