Beyond Waste

What if we could redesign our economy into a

regenerative and circular model?

Current processes of production and consumption are deemed unsustainable. A transition is required to move towards a sustainable model. In a circular economy, resources are kept in use for much longer and shared through distributive networks enabled by technology; products are designed never to become waste; and industrial activity aims to regenerate depleted natural capital.

Shifting to this model will require a fundamental transformation of our cognitive models, of the way we think about natural resources and the way we use them.

Beyond Waste | Circular Resources Lab is 4-month innovation process that offers a safe space for engaging into such a transition. It is inspired by a wide range of participatory leadership methodologies and tools, among which the Theory U, developed by Dr. Otto Scharmer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and his team at the Presencing Institute.

Our objective is to explore the potential of ecosystem awareness and facilitate the co-creation of solutions for circular economy transformation in the Canton de Vaud.

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